Anastasija Dubovska 

Anastasija was born in 1987. She grew up in Daugavpils, a small
town surrounded by wild forests and beautiful nature, which is the
main source of inspiration for her creativity. She lives and works in
Riga now, the capital of Latvia. Currently a freelance artist, she works
with charcoal drawings on canvas and makes art deco for sale.

I do not know where my images come from, and what affects the creation of them.  As I start working, they appear on their own, I just need to fabulate a composition and the history of their lives. My illustrative visual stories come from the bottom of my heart.  Basically, I rely on intuition and I think that’s why my drawings are very sensual. Therefore, the main function of my artworks is to motivate and inspire others.  Works create metamorphosis in the hearts of others when you can feel a sense, which is transformed into something large and significant - into inspiration. 


t. +371 268 471 57
facebook  Anastasija Dubovska


2013 Art Academy of Latvia – Masters of Sculpture department. 2013 Latvia
2010 Art Academy of Latvia – Bachelor of Etching graphic department. 2010 Latvia
2008  Art college – secondary vocational education of Interior and computer design. 2008 Latvia

Work Experience
2015 London Gates / English school - visual art teacher.
2013-2014 Children's alternative school “NORMA”/ Visual art teacher.

Internship (Erasmus program department)
2009  Academy Di belle Arti di Napoli, graphic section / Napoli, Italy;
2012 Internship at contemporary Art gallery Guidi& Schoen / Genova, Italy; 

2016 GRAPHIC ART SYMPOSIUM - 28th October - 14th November - Mark Rothko Art Centre / Daugavpils, Latvia;
2015   I – Art project '' Guardians of the plants “ Motta Camastra, Italy, Sicily;
2013  The Wall of Europe. Artistic Director: Pinuccio Sciola. NoArte Paese Museo, San Sperate. Sardinia, Italy;

Solo exhibitions

Cold stories  / Art gallery Slazds / 04.10.2018/ Latvia, Riga; 
Exhibition of Illustrations / Mākonis-Restaurant/30.02-30.06 / Riga, Latvia;
Exhibition of Illustrations and sculpture / kafe “Mazā Kaņepe”/15.08.2015-18.10.2015 / Latvia, Riga;
’’Characters’’ Illustrations and painting exhibition - ’’KID’’ Restaurant / 14.07.2015 - 31.08.2015 / Latvia, Riga;
Plant metamorphosis / illustration exhibition / Koffee&Wine Art gallery /24.01.2015 - 24.02. 2015 / Latvia, Jelgava; 
Metamorphosis of the plants / Art gallery SLAZDS / 02.10.2014-02.11.2014 / Latvia, Riga; 
AIR / Library of Ventspils - Parventa / 15.06.2014 – 16.07.2014 / Latvia, Ventspils; 
GAISS (Air) / ART gallery Winter / Vef factory / 02.05.2014 – 02.06.2014 / Latvia, Riga; 
Plants / Daugavpils ceramic art center/ 05.11.2013-05.12.2013 / Latvia, Daugavpils; 
aQua / water / Polish culture centre / 06.02.2013-06.03.2013 / Latvia, Daugavpils; 
2009 SŪNAS / Latvian culture centre - Glass gallery / Latvia, Daugavpils; 

Group exhibitions and projects

''Latgales kods" / Outumn exhibition / Rezekne / Latvia;
''Are you hungry" Art and music festival  /  Mark Rothko Art Centre / Latvia;
''Miers un spriedze" Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre / Latvia;
"Pieskāriens" Artists' Union association group exhibition / Regional and Art Museum/ Latvia, Daugavpils;
"Ar ko mīl spēlēties meitenes"("What girls love to play") /Daugavpils ceramic art center / Latvia, Daugavpils;
BERLIN SOUP art festival / Berlin, Germany;
White horse art gallery in Daugavpils fortress / Regional artist work exhibition / Daugavpils, Latvia;
Autumn exhibition/Daugavpils Artists' Union association group exhibition / Regional and Art Museum/Latvia;
“Mākslas medības“ (Art hunting) / Kalnciema squere / Rīga, Latvija;
Kanepes kultural center /“Grūti audzināmās grāmatas” exhibition of illustration / Riga, Latvia;
GRAPHIC ART SYMPOSIUM common exhibition/ Mark Rothko Art Centre / Daugavpils, Latvia;
MYTHOLOGY & FAIRYTALES/International Arts Festival - BERLIN SOUP/ June 4 – June 11. 2016 / Athens, Greece;
Art picnic in the Luznavas residence / Installation "Night spirits" 24.07. / Latvia;
''Untitled Latgale Art" Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre / 24.04-23.07 / Latvia;
"Smile" Regional Artists Association group exh. / Local History and Art Museum / Daugavpils, Latvia;
Artists association group exhibition/ AXONCABLE factory / Paris, France; 
"NukuKunst" III International festival of Art dolls / 1-2-3 May 2015/ Tallinn, Estonia;
Moscow international exhibition-fair of dolls and Teddy bears/ Moscow, Russia; 
"CLOWNADE" Mark Rothko Art Center. Latgale region art exhibition/ Daugavpils, Latvia;
PopUp art gallery Spring exhibition "Asni divi" Riga, Latvia;
AXONCABLE factory /Artists association group exhibition/ Daugavpils, Latvia; 
MisoRogi doll Exhibition / Team Koyyola project/ Tokyo, Japan;
«Moscow Fair» 2014, Doll exhibition folk and creation of encounter / Russia / Moscow;
200 classroom / Department of Ceramics 90th anniversary exhibition/ Latvian Art academy / Riga;
Professional doll art festival in Riga / 4-7 sept. / Railway history Museum / Latvia;
ART HUNTS / Kalnciema quarter / Group exhibition / Riga, Latvia;
Daugavpils Art museum / Artists association group exhibition Spring 2014/ Daugavpils, Latvia; 
Many different types of Daugavpils population / Art Museum of Rokiski, Lithuania;
Students ceramic exhibition  / up to 1000 degree / Gallery ''Ziema'' / Riga, Latvia; 
Autumn group exhibition 2013 ''Flowering stories''/ Rezekne, Latvia;
Poetry days in Riga / “The map of Riga” / video installation ‘’Aqua’’/ Gallery Noass / Riga, Latvia;
Art centre in Daugavpils / Locals artist exhibition 2013 / Latvia;
SEB Contest in Painting “TALANTS ATMAKSĀJAS!” Art Academy of Latvia/ Riga, Latvia;
Museum night 2013 / Closer to nature / installation 4m x 2 m/ Daugavpils, Latvia;
Workshop Creative course for children “Dolls creating” at the kindergarten in Italy – Genova (Nervi);
Borderlo - Van Sengbucch prize / Art Academy exhibition hall / Riga, Latvia;
SEB Contest in Painting – Latvian Art academy / Riga, Latvia;
Group exhibition in art center ”Pencil” / Rezekne, Latvia;
2011 Students art works exhibitions - Borderlo - Van Sengbucch art prize / Latvian art academy exhibition hall / Riga, Latvia; 
Exhibition "SEB Contest in Painting - TALENT PAYS OFF!" Latvian art Academy/ Riga, Latvia; 
2009 Occupants / installation in Fortress /Art days in Daugavpils / Latvia; 
Consciousness / Graphics, Art Session in Vitebsk / Belorussia; 
2008 Dead wife / Installation. Daugavpils Fortress / Latvia; 
2007 Zapping / Daugavpils Experimental School / group project / Installation/ Daugavpils, Latvia; 

Aveimada / Daugavpils, Experimental school / Installation / Daugavpils, Latvia;

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